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Shopping Cart Features

1.  Easy Setup

Browser based layout
Import Export Capability


2.  Slick Marketing Features

Export to Google Product Search
Export to
Customer Newsletter
Sitemap.xml for submission to Search Engines
Affiliate links to see where orders came from
Promotional / Coupon Codes
Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking


3.  Huge amount of Inventory Options

Sell downloadable items (ex. EBooks, Software, Music, Games)
Sell standard shippable items
Sell Gift Certificates
Sell Custom Text items
Sell items with multiple options using drop down bars
Item Search Bar (searches title, then description)
Complete Inventory Count Control (great for unique, one-of-a-kind items)
Suggested items
Mulitple Images Per Item


4.  Unlimited Categories with flexible layouts

Unlimited categories and sub-categories
Thumbnail pictures for category browsing
Single Item can appear in Multiple Categories


5.  Make Ordering Easy Features

Process Cards in Real Time Option
Process Cards Manually Option
Over 20 Compatible Merchant Gateways
Order Notification via Email
Shopper Logins
BluePay Subscription Items (Automated recurring Billing)
Customize Text on Billing Page, Checkout Page
Print multiple invoices at once using the PDF Invoice Generation feature
Create templates for printing packing list, invoice, and label from orders
Use PayPal or Google Checkout (or both) as a "3rd Checkout Option"


6.  Drive sales with Promo Codes & Discounts

Promo code automatically applied to all applicable items


7.  Control Data with Import / Export capabilities

Import / Export of Item Data
Export Order Data
Export to


8.  Wide variety of Shipping & Tax Options

Calculate USPS, FedEx, UPS, & DHL Shipping based on weight and zip code option
Calculate by order total, thresholds, by item, or by order options
International Shipping Options
Calculate Tax based on Country, State, County, and/or City


9.  Design & Site Integration Features for any Website

Make Shop pages look like Website
Easy linking to Shopping Cart
Ability to us Shop HTML