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Some of our Current Customers

Listing Styles
Item Page Style (uses Thumbnails to link to Items & Categories)
  Italian Pottery
  Heeling Touch
  Christian Homeschool Curriculum
  Natural Organic Baby
  Category Page Style (has Item Descriptions listed on the Category page)
  AFB Sports
  Jiff-e-Books (Custom Text example -- see "50 Pack of Jiff-e-Books")
  American Fishes
  AR15 Rifles (organized by category without thumbnail)


Sites with Special Designs
Custom Web Site using HTML from Shopping Cart
(items are located on actual website, rather than /shop pages)
  Morehouse Farm
  Proline Racks
  Ready Shutters
Imported WordPress website look into Shopping Cart


See other Shop examples (these shops also use the "Item Drop down" feature)
  Mass Music
  Heavenly Gift Basket
  Bk Sports


See examples of linking between Website and Shopping Cart
"Category" links
  AFB Sports
"Shop Now" link
  RAB Telecom Canada
"Item" links from .html page
  E14k Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Links to "searches" in the shop Inkjet Refills