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Custom HTML for Shopping Cart Integration

Are you a designer?  Do you want complete control over the html?  If so this method is for you.

The HTML method of integrating your shop allows you to use your Web pages to sell products.  To do so, you grab HTML or SHTML from the shop to use in your web design software.  You can create an entire web store within your web pages. This method is more complex and is generally used by season web professionals. The reason we offer this method is for total and unique customization.

The HMTL method allows you to add the "Add To Cart" HTML directly into your regular HTML pages. The exact form HTML is shown by simply clicking on the "Show" button within the inventory section of the shop owner module.

The steps are:

1. Set up an item from the shop/owner Inventory Setup area.
2. Once it is set up, look near the top of that Inventory Setup/Edit Item page; there is a drop down list and a Show button.
3. Select "HTML to Display this item" from the drop down list.
4. Click the Show button.
5. Copy that HTML and insert it into the page you are creating.

Sample Item
We used the HTML code to generate the item below:

Kite Surf Sail

This is a test decription. This is a test decription. This is a test decription. This is a test decription. This is a test decription. This is a test decription. This is a test decription
Kite Surf Sail
Sale Price: $899.96 Regular Price::$999.95


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