Shopping Cart Features

Shop Look Features

  • Total and Unique Custimization of Look
    • Make your Shop pages look like any Website Design
  • Other Shop Look features
    • Customize text for all buttons, field names, etc.
    • Customize button look with CSS
    • Customize Checkout page color
    • Customize Checkout page to use secure https page with secure images

Category Look Features

  • Add Custom HTML to every Category page
    • Custimize what appears above your items!
  • Display Categories as Thumbnails

Item Look Features

  • Add HTML in product description
  • Add to cart per item or per page
  • Thumbnail Feature
    • Display Items as Thumbnail Images
    • Custom Options for Category page that displays item thumbnails
      • Add to Cart button, sku, etc.

Site Integration Features

  • Make Shop pages look like Website
  • Easy linking to Shopping Cart
    • Main Shop Page
    • Category Pages
    • Item Pages
  • Ability to us Shop HTML


  • Browser based layout
  • Import Export Capability

Marketing Features

  • Export to Google Product Search
  • Export to
  • Customer Newsletter
  • Sitemap.xml for submission to Search Engines
  • Affiliate links to see where orders came from
  • Promotional / Coupon Codes
  • Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking

 Ordering Features

  • Process Cards in Real Time Option
  • Process Cards Manually Option
  • Over 20 Compatible Merchant Gateways
  • Order Notification via Email
  • Shopper Logins
  • BluePay Subscription Items (Automated recurring Billing)
  • Customize Text on Billing Page, Checkout Page
  • Print multiple invoices at once using the PDF Invoice Generation feature
  • Create templates for printing packing list, invoice, and label from orders
  • Use PayPal or Google Checkout (or both) as a "3rd Checkout Option"


  • Calculate USPS, FedEx, UPS, & DHL
  • Shipping based on weight and zip code option
  • Calculate by order total, thresholds, by item, or by order options
  • International Shipping Options

Tax & Location Options

  • Save money on tax returns
  • Calculate Tax based on
    • Country
    • State
    • County
    • and/or City
  • Choose to Charge tax on Shipping
    • perfect for Canadian shops
  • Choose to allow International Orders

Search Enginge Friendly

  • Search Enginge Optimized (SEO)
  • SEO Links
    • SEO Category links
    • SEO Item links
  • SEO Code
    • Title tag
    • Meta tags (description and keyword)
    • Alt tags
    • Item image
  • Free Sitemap.xml creation

Inventory Options

  • Sell downloadable items (ex. EBooks, Software, Music, Games)
  • Sell standard shippable items
  • Sell Gift Certificates
  • Sell Custom Text items
  • Sell items with multiple options using drop down bars
  • Item Search Bar (searches title, then description)
  • Complete Inventory Count Control (great for unique, one-of-a-kind items)
  • Suggested items
  • Mulitple Images Per Item


  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Thumbnail pictures for category browsing
  • Single Item can appear in Multiple Categories

  Promo Code

  • Various Discount Options
    • % Discount
    • Flat Rate Discount
    • Free Shipping Discount
    • Dollar Amount Discount based on quanitity of Items
    • Flat Rate Shipping Discount
    • Free Item
  • Associate Promo Code with different:
    • Categories
    • Items
    • Categories and Items
  • Multiple locations to apply code
    • On the Shopping Cart Page
    • On the Checkout Page
    • On both the Checkout page and Shopping Cart page
  • Automatic vs. Manual Promo Code
    • Manual method -- Customer enters code in
    • Automatic method -- Shopping cart automatically populates code
  • One use by one customer only option
  • Specify "End Date"

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