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Accepting Payment via Credit Card

1.  Accept Credit Cards through the Cart in real time

Sign up with a Merchant to Process Credit Cards

BluePay Solution

Authorize.Net Certified Solution

PayPal Partner

To process credit cards with the Cart7 Shopping Cart in real time, you'll need to sign up with a Credit Card Merchant.  The merchants listed above are Cart7's featured compatible partners. 

By signing up with one of these providers, you then have the ability charge or authorize transactions when the customer submits their order.

    Compatible Merchants


2.  Process Credit Cards through Local Terminal.

"Secure Checkout" Method

Capture Credit Card information securely through the Cart.  Then use that information to process your credit card in your local terminal. 


If you have an online credit card merchant that is not on the real-time list, you can do the same thing processing the transaction manually through the online terminal.



3.  Use PayPal and Google Checkout as Payment Options

If you are trying to avoid monthly fees with a merchant, start off using PayPal & Google Checkout until your business grows. 


You can use PayPal and Google Checkout as 2nd and 3rd Payment Options as well.  This means you can offer 3 Checkout types at the same timeIncreases conversions and sales!

PayPa, Google Checkout


Other Payment Options

  • Net 30
  • Offline order form for Checks
  • Echeck (only through BluePay &
  • Fill-in Price items (one use is for invoices)
  • Custom text fields for any other form of Payment


** Without any merchant provider, you will not have the ability to charge credit cards.