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Shopping Cart Features That Make you Money

1.  Export Items to Google Product Search listing (

  •  All shopping cart items are inserted into a data feed that can be imported into Google Product Search
  • Items can also be exported into TheFind and Merchant feeds
  • Free Advertising for your products!
  • This brings free traffic to your website, which translates into more sales.


2.  Customer Newsletter

  •  Have Customers sign-up at Checkout
  • Build a client base, keep in contact with them.
  • This brings repeat traffic to your website, which translates into more sales.


3.  Downloadable Items

  • Sell Downloadable Items Securely
    • Limit the amount of days for Download
    • Password Protected Access
    • File's location on the server is hidden from customer
    • After purchase, the customer receives the download item in a secure location.
  • Works for MP3 files, e-books, PDF files, images, zip files, and more.
  • Save on shipping costs
  • Sell items you can't sell with standard feature carts.


4.  Suggested Items for Upselling

Encourage your customers to purchase other items related to the curent product they are purchasing.


5.  Drive sales with Promo Codes & Discounts

Run promotions to increase sales.  Promotional Codes in the shop include:

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Items
  • % discounts
  • Flat Rate Discounts
  • Flat Rate on Shipping Discounts


6.  Charge Sales Tax By City, County, State, Country

  • Stop losing money to the government.
  • Get the actual revenue for the sales tax you are going to pay out.
  • Shopping Cart allows you to charge by every variation necessary.
    • ex. County and State / City and State / City, County, and State


7.  Automated Shipping Calculations

  • Stop losing money on shipping costs
  • Calculate Rate option means shipping can be determined by location, weight, and dimension.
  • Pad rates to cover handeling charges.