Selling Online with Cart7 Shopping Cart

10 Things You Should Know to Succeed

  1. Use the import item feature to load your items in the shop. This will save you lots of time!
  2. Research different shipping methods. We have automated shipping calculation available for USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You'll need to know which shipping options to offer.
  3. Research online marketing like Google Adwords and Bing Advertising. Usually you can find some free money to start advertising.
  4. Use the free Google Product Search feature in the Cart. It's free advertising!
  5. On your homepage, include a link to your bestselling products.
  6. Research sales tax for your state. Find out the locations you'll need to charge sales tax for. The shopping cart lets you charge sales tax by state, county, and/or city.
  7. Add to Cart Button

    Of course the Add to Cart button will make you money, but not all "Add to Cart" buttons are created equally. 

    3 ways Cart7 allows you to do to get more out of your Add to Cart button:

    1. Use a large and bright colored image.
          (Add an image for your button in the General Settings)
    2. Style your "Add to Cart" button using CSS.
          (CSS can be edited in the "Template Import" section of the cart.)
    3. Put the "Add to Cart" button above the fold (this means people can see the button on a Standard size monitor without scrolling). 
          (Use the 3 Column View in the General Settings of the Shopping Cart.)

    If you know HTML you can use the "Add to Cart" code from the Cart on your actual pages.
        (Integration page in the Shopping Cart).

  8. PCI Scanning is required for many companys.  Trust Guard is a great way to get scanned because they also provide you with conversion boosting seals.

  9. Use multiple checkout options to provide your customers with no exuses about not purchasing.  Cart7 allows 3 differnt options at once!
    1. Standard Checkout
    2. PayPal
    3. Google Checkout
  10. Don't wait. The online market is huge and is only growing. Get your business online!

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